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One of the major sins that Judaism, Catholicism, and Islam take seriously is the sin of usury (i.e. taking interest on loans of money). The Torah, Gospel, and Quran are unequivocally clear on this matter: Exodus (22:25), Leviticus (25:25-37), Deuteronomy (23:19-21), Matthew (5:17-18), Luke (6:35), Quran (2:275-280, 3:130, 4:161, 3:39).
Usury, in Islamic Shariah, is defined as money made in excess for no work done or entrepreneurial risk taken. In modern terms: interest. St. Thomas Aquinas compared usury to selling time, and time is not a good or service to be sold.


We know that banks make their money by lending money and collecting interest. That is the whole purpose of commercial banking. An Islamic bank, however, figured out a way to make that money by playing a little game: Instead of lending money and collecting it back with interest, the bank engages in business contracts with the borrowers, for a profit.

Example 1

Samir wants to buy the new Audi A8, selling at $75,000. He can take out a loan from a commercial bank. Samir then owns the car “now,” and pays the loan back in small monthly installments over a period of six years, with an annual interest (may include collateral). When Samir pays the last installment, he will have paid the original $75,000 plus the accumulated interest, totalling up to $100,000. Or…
Samir can go to an Islamic bank. The bank purchases the car for him at full price, and Samir agrees to buy the car from the bank at the new price of $100,000, paying that amount in small monthly installments, interest-free! The ownership of the car is fully transferred to Samir upon paying his last installment. Should he be unable to pay the amount in full, the bank retrieves the car as collateral. Certified Islam refers to this form of transaction as murabaha, meaning profiteering, which is of course 100% halal.

Example 2

Samir wants to start a business (for profit). He goes to a commercial bank and explains his business idea with a detailed plan (including cost and revenue estimates). If the bank approves the feasibility of the project, the bank will give Samir a loan to be paid back, with interest, in installments. Or…
Samir goes to an Islamic bank and explains his business idea with a detailed plan (including cost and revenue estimates). If the Islamic bank approves the feasibility of the project, the Islamic bank will sign an agreement with Samir, in which they establish a partnership, known as Mudaraba (also means profiteering). In this contract, the bank offers the capital, and Samir offers the work. But then both Samir and the bank share the profits (each gets the percentage of the profit agreed upon in the contract).

In the end, both types of banks end up making money without putting any work or risk. A commercial bank calls it interest, while an Islamic bank calls it profit. In fact, the idea was so lucrative that HSBC established an Islamic banking subsidiary, in 2003, known as HSBC Amanah, with their slogan (Commitment to the highest Sharia standards).

This system of Islamic banking was only developed in the mid-twentieth century. In 1973, upon the official declaration of the Muslim countries’ finance ministers’ first conference at the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), the first Islamic banks began operations in Jeddah and Egypt (Islamic Development Bank) and Dubai (Dubai Islamic Bank) in 1975. As of 2009, Islamic banks’ assets combined (including Iranian banks who joined the game in 1980) are estimated at 400 billion halal dollars.


Islamic Banking brings to mind the story of The People Of The Sabbath from the Islamic tradition, when a small group of Jews in the coastal village of Ayla on the Red Sea cheated God. According to the story, the fish swam near the shore on Saturdays (Jewish Sabbath), the only day they weren’t allowed to do any work, including fishing. But then on all other days, there was barely any fish in the sea. The majority of these Jewish villagers, the true believers, knew that it was a test from God. Thus, they persevered and continued to observe the Sabbath. But then a small group figured out a smart way to circumvent the Law, without upsetting God: They set up their fishing nets on Fridays, and collected their plentiful catch on Sundays. God’s punishment was severe: the Sabbhat violators were disfigured into apes.



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Will I get paid for overtime? cheap order drugs She also manages stress by focusing on things that give her joy every day. It can be something as simple as drinking a tea that she loves, relishing the taste of a healthy food or enjoying a few minutes of quiet time all alone. Exercising daily is also critical to stress relief, but her go-to workouts have to be fun – hiking, biking, doing yoga.
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How many would you like? levitra All of that went up in smoke because of the shutdown, along with 400 jobs. Thanks to Cuomo’s investment, those 400 are back at work and the U.S. is reaping $50,000 per day in concession fees for Uncle Sam.
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How much does the job pay? levitra She pointed out the Premier Inn opposite, with a nod to Partridge&rsquo;s long-term stay in a Travel Tavern, before we heading briskly to a picturesque path beside the Wensum (&ldquo;Alan didn&rsquo;t have a very close relationship with the river. You may remember some angry farmers dropping a dead cow onto him from a bridge, which ended with him in A&E&rdquo;).
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I was made redundant two months ago viagra One of its most promising uses so far has been as a laryngoscope - an instrument which lights-up the back of the mouth allowing anaesthetists to insert breathing tubes when people are unable to breathe for themselves.
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Children with disabilities <a href=" ">cheap order drugs</a> "In most people's lifetimes, they have been the outcast or the marginalized or the alienated ... I think we're all constantly in a state of being alienated and wanting to come back into a state of wholeness," the director said.
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I didn't go to university <a href=" ">levitra</a> It is also occasionally a condition of a mortgage lender, although the Council of Mortgage Lenders said it was not "routinely required". A spokeswoman said: "Lenders rely on conveyancers to protect their interests and address property-related risks that might otherwise compromise the lender's security.
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Recorded Delivery <a href=" ">viagra</a> Raise your hand if you use the same belt hole at age 37 that you used at age 18. I bet Woods - and his Nike tailor - know if he gains one pound. There is no reason Woods, and his tailor, can't compete at a very high level for eight more years.
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I saw your advert in the paper <a href=" ">viagra</a> But the feat of keeping supporters' passions burning, and ferrying them from so many disparate locations to the heart of the capital for the ongoing vigil, is a remarkable achievement for an organization whose senior leaders are now on the run from the authorities. The government says it will not stop peaceful demonstrations.
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I'm not interested in football <a href=" ">levitra</a> Committee Chairman Bill Nelson, D-Fla. said, &#8220;One thing is clear: Millions of Americans with poor or no credit have a need for money in emergencies. But how can we make sure that the products available to these people, especially the seniors, won&#8217;t trap them in a cycle of debt?&#8221;
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Could I have , please? <a href=" ">online pharmacy</a> "This console cycle will shrink versus the last cycle,"Sebastian said. "You don't want to get too lost in theexcitement of the launches and forget that in the living roomthere's a lot more competition from tablets, TVs and Internet.So I'm cautiously optimistic."
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I really like swimming levitra When you start looking at properties, the most important thing is to look at prices in the surrounding area. &ldquo;If a new build flat is being valued at £100,000 more than the surrounding properties, for example, there is something out of place,&rdquo; said Ms Beeny.

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