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One of the major sins that Judaism, Catholicism, and Islam take seriously is the sin of usury (i.e. taking interest on loans of money). The Torah, Gospel, and Quran are unequivocally clear on this matter: Exodus (22:25), Leviticus (25:25-37), Deuteronomy (23:19-21), Matthew (5:17-18), Luke (6:35), Quran (2:275-280, 3:130, 4:161, 3:39).
Usury, in Islamic Shariah, is defined as money made in excess for no work done or entrepreneurial risk taken. In modern terms: interest. St. Thomas Aquinas compared usury to selling time, and time is not a good or service to be sold.


We know that banks make their money by lending money and collecting interest. That is the whole purpose of commercial banking. An Islamic bank, however, figured out a way to make that money by playing a little game: Instead of lending money and collecting it back with interest, the bank engages in business contracts with the borrowers, for a profit.

Example 1

Samir wants to buy the new Audi A8, selling at $75,000. He can take out a loan from a commercial bank. Samir then owns the car “now,” and pays the loan back in small monthly installments over a period of six years, with an annual interest (may include collateral). When Samir pays the last installment, he will have paid the original $75,000 plus the accumulated interest, totalling up to $100,000. Or…
Samir can go to an Islamic bank. The bank purchases the car for him at full price, and Samir agrees to buy the car from the bank at the new price of $100,000, paying that amount in small monthly installments, interest-free! The ownership of the car is fully transferred to Samir upon paying his last installment. Should he be unable to pay the amount in full, the bank retrieves the car as collateral. Certified Islam refers to this form of transaction as murabaha, meaning profiteering, which is of course 100% halal.

Example 2

Samir wants to start a business (for profit). He goes to a commercial bank and explains his business idea with a detailed plan (including cost and revenue estimates). If the bank approves the feasibility of the project, the bank will give Samir a loan to be paid back, with interest, in installments. Or…
Samir goes to an Islamic bank and explains his business idea with a detailed plan (including cost and revenue estimates). If the Islamic bank approves the feasibility of the project, the Islamic bank will sign an agreement with Samir, in which they establish a partnership, known as Mudaraba (also means profiteering). In this contract, the bank offers the capital, and Samir offers the work. But then both Samir and the bank share the profits (each gets the percentage of the profit agreed upon in the contract).

In the end, both types of banks end up making money without putting any work or risk. A commercial bank calls it interest, while an Islamic bank calls it profit. In fact, the idea was so lucrative that HSBC established an Islamic banking subsidiary, in 2003, known as HSBC Amanah, with their slogan (Commitment to the highest Sharia standards).

This system of Islamic banking was only developed in the mid-twentieth century. In 1973, upon the official declaration of the Muslim countries’ finance ministers’ first conference at the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), the first Islamic banks began operations in Jeddah and Egypt (Islamic Development Bank) and Dubai (Dubai Islamic Bank) in 1975. As of 2009, Islamic banks’ assets combined (including Iranian banks who joined the game in 1980) are estimated at 400 billion halal dollars.


Islamic Banking brings to mind the story of The People Of The Sabbath from the Islamic tradition, when a small group of Jews in the coastal village of Ayla on the Red Sea cheated God. According to the story, the fish swam near the shore on Saturdays (Jewish Sabbath), the only day they weren’t allowed to do any work, including fishing. But then on all other days, there was barely any fish in the sea. The majority of these Jewish villagers, the true believers, knew that it was a test from God. Thus, they persevered and continued to observe the Sabbath. But then a small group figured out a smart way to circumvent the Law, without upsetting God: They set up their fishing nets on Fridays, and collected their plentiful catch on Sundays. God’s punishment was severe: the Sabbhat violators were disfigured into apes.



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This is your employment contract <a href=" ">crestor coupon mail order</a> The survey showed that shipping and financial sectors werethe most negative with a third-quarter score of 50, a sharp dropfrom the shipping industry's reading of 80 and financials'reading of 78 in the second quarter.
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I don't like pubs <a href=" ">felodipine er 5 mg tablet</a> While prices have stabilized recently, the volatility offood prices in recent years has prompted developing countrieswith high poverty and weak safety nets to respond by ratchetingup consumer food subsidies, the poverty-fighting institutionsaid.
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Do you play any instruments? <a href=" ">Cheap Simvastatin</a> Boring, right? No matter. A-Rod’s star power, his mere presence, would have taken the broadcast to another level. While they don’t bring the controversy, the same holds true for Jeter, Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira. It’s no secret the Yankees lack of star power has negatively affected YES’ ratings.
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I'm sorry, he's <a href=" ">Buy Cheap Lisinopril</a> Groups invited to Thursday's meeting includedrepresentatives from privacy groups such as the Center forDemocracy and Technology, Politico said, citing sources familiarwith the meeting. Gigi Sohn, the head of another similar group,Public Knowledge, was also invited, it said.
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I quite like cooking <a href=" ">felodipine plendil 5 mg</a> He underwent patellar tendon surgery and an arthroscopy for a tear in the lateral meniscus of his left knee on July 15, just five days after the Knicks re-signed him to a contract extension. The deal initially was reported as a four-year extension, but it was reduced to three years and $18 million — with the third year a player option — after the surgery was announced.
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It's a bad line <a href=" ">para que sirve el plendil 5 mg</a> The U.S. military is keen to complete flight testing of the already delayed F-35 program, the Pentagon's largest weapons program, so that it can begin to use the new jets for military operations. Other factors, including weather conditions, can also affect flight testing.
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I'm sorry, she's <a href=" ">Buy Abana Online</a> SINGAPORE'S STATE investor Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd has appointed Wu Yibing, a senior executive from China's biggestbrokerage firm CITIC, to head its China business, which accountsfor about a fifth of its $170 billion portfolio.
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Very Good Site <a href=" ">generic lipitor buy</a> RefugePoint gave them food and shelter, and even helped the family emigrate to St. Louis. Then, amazingly, they found out that their daughter Mona was alive after all. She had been taken in by a distant cousin.
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We were at school together <a href=" ">buy vytorin online</a> The foreign bank sell-downs come at a time when the Chinesebanking system has shown signs of stress, with bad loans pickingup as economic growth slows. As a result, several Chineselenders are preparing to launch equity sales to bolster theircapital bases.
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I can't get through at the moment <a href=" ">what is rosuvastatin teva</a> The grocery industry needs more consolidation as it facespressure from a swath of retailers ranging from dollar storesand Wal-Mart to upscale grocers Fairway and Whole Foods,said Wolfe Research senior retail analyst Scott Mushkin. "Thereare just more stores trying to do the same thing," he said.
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Insufficient funds <a href=" ">apcalis sx</a> As for now, Chipotle has identified several of its menu items—from tortilla chips to chicken cooked in soybean oil—as containing genetically modified organisms. Given the company’s preference for using organic, and locally produced ingredients, some customers were caught off-guard by the disclosure.
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Looking for a job <a href=" ">nasonex nasal spray</a> Quinn, a first-round draft pick of Cleveland in 2007, was cut by Seattle on Saturday. His signing also clouds the future of Mark Sanchez, who is sidelined with a shoulder injury and could miss at least the first few weeks of the season.
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I don't like pubs <a href=" ">promethazine online</a> Marko Bogoievski, Infratil's chief executive, said in astatement that the company recognised the importance of theseairports to their local communities and wanted to secure newowners with the capacity to support their future success.
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Is this a temporary or permanent position? <a href=" ">quibron-t</a> The spokesman made clear that Britain expects Madrid to live up to the commitments it made in the 2006 Cordoba Agreement, which included deals on issues like border crossings and access for flights, as well as establishing a tripartite forum for regular dialogue between Britain, Spain and Gibraltar.
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I want to report a <a href=" ">alavert price </a> Johnson's title bid collapsed on the 17th, when he fired the ball out of bounds and then he left his fourth shot in a fairway bunker on the way to a triple-bogey seven that dumped him out of contention, even after a closing birdie at the par-5 18th.
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I'm afraid that number's ex-directory <a href=" ">buy nasonex nasal spray</a> About 50,000 people from Japan and abroad gathered in Hiroshima to commemorate the 68th anniversary of the atomic bombing there. A memorial service was held in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, marking the day the US military dropped an atomic bomb on the city on August 6, 1945.
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Where are you from? <a href=" ">apcalis sx</a> "I am surprised that the court sidestepped the most important issues: that you cannot conspire to commit reckless murder and that the government did not establish jurisdiction" over the missile count, Dayan said in a phone interview.
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A few months <a href=" ">beconase aq online</a> Hours after the crash, firefighters said that they had extracted 37 bodies &#8211; most of the dead were found inside the mangled bus, which lay on its side, while a few of the victims were pulled out from underneath the wreckage, the Italian news agency ANSA said.
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I study here <a href=" ">apcalis sx price </a> If you are not closely watching what your teenagers are doing &#8220;on-line&#8221;, especially on social sites, I would have to question your parenting skills. That&#8217;s like giving them the keys to your car and never questioning where they are going or what they are doing . . .
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How much will it cost to send this letter to ? <a href=" ">order nasonex nasal spray</a> The eight states had opted out of a prior settlement agreedto by 37 other states last year over Avandia, which has beenlinked to heart problems. It was pulled from the market inEurope in 2010 and its use has been heavily restricted in theUnited States.
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How many would you like? <a href=" ">purchase hyaluronic acid</a> President Barack Obama recently said the U.S. is willing to send weapons to the opposition. Even so, Washington has been reluctant to arm the rebels battling Assad's troops because radical Islamic groups, including those with al Qaeda links, have emerged as their most effective fighting force. Western countries have also been concerned over the lack of unified command among rebel groups.
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Looking for work <a href=" ">mentat ds syrup price </a> Failure to break the stalemate before Thursday, the deadlineto raise the debt ceiling, would leave the world's biggesteconomy unable to pay its bills in the coming weeks, potentiallyhaving a catastrophic impact on financial markets.
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I'd like to speak to someone about a mortgage <a href=" ">nootropil</a> Some observers have questioned whether private andstate-backed lenders in Asia and the Middle East will cutinvestments in coal, given the high returns that mines and powerplants could yield in power-hungry developing countries and theearnings at stake for suppliers of coal-related technology.
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Can you hear me OK? <a href=" ">order anacin</a> Our Classified websites (Photos, Motors, Jobs and Property Today) use cookies to ensure you get the correct local newspaper branding and content when you visit them. These cookies store no personally identifiable information.
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In tens, please (ten pound notes) <a href=" ">buy epivir-hbv</a> The question is, can anyone top Samsung in the smartphone race? For now, it seems like the South Korean phone giant has a comfortable lead. Still, Gupta encouraged Samsung to be more aggressive in mid-tier and emerging markets. "Innovation cannot be limited to the high end," he said.
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Could I have an application form? <a href=" ">cheap hyaluronic acid</a> Macmillan surveyed 532 women who have had surgery for breast cancer. The charity is encouraging breast cancer patients who need support relating to cancer's effect on their self-esteem and sex life to get help from their GP.
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It's OK <a href=" ">mentat ds syrup price </a> For some locals in Havana like Lazara Quintana, Fidel is the best thing that happened in Cuban history. &#8220;After the apostle of Cuban independence Jose Marti, it&#8217;s Fidel Castro Ruz,&#8221; she says.
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International directory enquiries <a href=" ">nootropil</a> A year and a half later, after the death of the kidney recipient, post-mortem testing of the kidney and brain tissue from the donor revealed the same strain of raccoon rabies. It's unclear whether the hospital or anyone involved in the transplant was reprimanded. The names have not been released.
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The manager <a href=" ">naltrexone price </a> Facing public anger over the government shutdown, HouseRepublicans have adopted a strategy of voting piecemeal to fundsome popular federal agencies - like the VeteransAdministration, the National Park Service and the NationalInstitutes of Health - that are partially closed.

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